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Imagine this; you have been contemplating on whether to join a first aid training session or not. Finally, you decide to get into it though reluctantly. Fate being on your side, you almost quit the classes to attend to your child who is unwell. However, to please the trainer, you opt to participate in that day’s lesson and probably quit later. Then it so happens, that particular lesson becomes the ultimate saviour to your sick baby.

Here’s a true story

In early 2016, a Carlisle-based mother experienced the most challenging test in her life.

Tic Toc, a charity organisation, raising funds to install defibrillators in Cumbria had organised a first aid training event open to the public, and Samantha Furmston happened to be one of the attendees.

Basic First Aid for Every Parent

Basic First Aid for Every Parent can save lives and should be a priority.

Initially, Samantha was not into attending the event since her 18-month old daughter wasn’t feeling well. Even then, she decided to sacrifice that night and learn some basic first aid skills, unaware of what awaited her.

Richard Lambert, a coordinator with North West Ambulance Services (NWAS), taught the audience some vital first aid skills. Among them was how to perform CPR, what to do with a bleeding and choking victim as well as using a defibrillator.

Fate for Samantha

A day after attending the training, Rosie, her daughter, developed health complications. She was coughing persistently, and this worried Samantha. She set off to the hospital, but on arrival, there were no more coughs or cries from little Rosie. Something was wrong. Rosie was struggling to breathe and had turned pale blue.

Samantha immediately took her out of the car and all the content she had learned the previous night started flowing into her mind. She gave her four back blows, and just then the baby vomited. Rosie took a deep breath and started crying. It was a miracle. Although they immediately checked in to see the doctor, Rosie has been saved from the jaws of death by a simple first aid skill.

A message to you, the parent

Taking a step to learn basic first aid skills is an avenue to save lives. Better still, gaining confidence to use the learned skills puts a bridge between life and death. Rosie and Samantha are among the many victims in the society. While some are lucky to be saved from death through such skills, the unfortunate few perish for lack of first aid knowledge among the public.

Basic first aid knowledge is of particular importance to parents. Children grow fast, and plenty of discovery episodes characterises their lives. From putting things in their mouth which could trigger choking to common home accidents like falls, cuts and door slams. Unfortunately, most children are unable to describe their predicament, and this calls for you as the parent to apply parental tactics to help them. Even then, parental guidance needs to be accompanied with first aid skills for better diagnosis and treatment.

It’s impossible to tell when unfortunate incidents will hit. Equipping yourself with this critical knowledge ensures you have the skills to better face the problem when it comes. And this explains why basic first aid for every parent and caregiver should be a priority.

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