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Do you know equipping yourself with vital first aid skills such as performing CPR or using a defibrillator could save an otherwise dying person? It could be a friend, a family member or a stranger whose life depends on your knowledge in first aid.

Unfortunately, more than 140,000 people are losing their lives annually in situations where simple first aid skills might have brought about a different outcome. It’s also saddening that only a few individuals are willing to take up the challenge to enrol in a first aid course.

We recently came across a moving story of a young girl whose life was saved by an only first-aider in a restaurant.

Paige Hurley, a student at Leeds University, had gone visiting Australia for her vacation. She then secured a job as a waiter to fund her stay in the beautiful country. Paige had an underlying heart condition, but no one knew about it, until one day when she collapsed in front of diners at the restaurant. Like it is the norm with most members of the public, all the customers looked horrified and didn’t know what to do next.

Example of How First Aid Skills Could Save Someone's Life

Even the most basic First Aid Skills Could Save Someone’s Life

By chance, there was a doctor in the midst, and she went into action immediately. She administered the most crucial first-aid treatment Paige needed: CPR to help resuscitate her heart.  She also needed a life-saving defibrillator which was luckily available in a room upstairs.  Within no time, her heart was beating again.

What do you call that? A miracle powered by vital first aid skills.

Today, Paige calls herself lucky to have survived the situation.  She is forever grateful to the quick volunteer who performed the CPR to save her life.  Although she now has a defibrillator fitted to her heart for optimal maintenance of a regular rhythm, she emphasises the importance of the public enrolling in a basic first aid course.

And here comes the burning question

Should you enrol on a course or are free first-aid videos on the web enough?

Booming technology has made things easier than we could ever imagine.  But some things are better done the traditional way.

First aid is a practical activity that requires a trainer to show step by step guidelines to the trainee.  It also involves plenty of question and answers sessions to both parties until the skill is mastered.  Sadly, some freebie videos on the web do not have this.  Well, the videos are perfect for someone who is already trained and wishes to refresh his/her knowledge.

However, as a new trainee, always aim at getting a proper course or one-on-one training to ensure the vital first aid skills are grasped properly.

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