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‘A teenager saves an athlete’s life by performing vital CPR.’

How would such news sound to you? Well, it should be a mix of confusion and many ‘why’ questions. It might be hard to understand how a teenager is well versed with vital skills that could save an adult. But believe it or not, such an amazing deed happened not long ago in the town of Rivington Pike.

This is how it all unveiled…

Connie, a 15-year-old boy, is a member of the Lancashire Army Cadets Force at his school. It is here that they learn various life skills and this includes basic first aid.

first aid training for teenagers

More emphasis should be given to first aid training for teenagers

On this particular day, Connie was going home in the company of his father when he suddenly noticed a group of people surrounding a scene. After a quick look, they realised that there was a man on the ground who seemed to have collapsed. Connie got out and headed to the scene where he realised that the man was one of the participators of the annual Anglezarke Amble. Although someone was already helping him out, there seemed to be less improvement.

It is at this time that all that Connie had learned in the Cadets Force came into his mind. He swirled into action and began performing CPR on the man. All the witnesses were amazed at the courage and calmness in the little man. In fact, his father confessed that, even though he always knew that Connie had learned basic first aid, he had never imagined him doing that much.

Connie performed the vital treatment for close to 20 minutes when the ambulance arrived. Even then, the lad continued with his mission as the paramedics were setting up the defibrillators. The ambulance staff was amazed at this crucial deed and congratulated Connie for not only helping the man but also having the courage to step forward and put his skills into action.

Connie’s action, might have made headlines, but we can all learn three vital lessons from him.

1. Take courage and show your skills

The biggest challenge with people who have undertaken the first aid course is the fear to put their skills into practice. This fear is dangerous as it has caused many deaths on victims who couldn’t receive on time first aid from onlookers, some of whom already possessed first aid skills. You can read about such cases here

Everyone should learn from Connie’s efforts. The fact that he agreed to step forward and take control of the situation shows great courage. Today, despite many individuals holding a basic first aid certificates, they are rarely brave enough to take action.  In many cases, they fear that they could end up making the situation worse than it currently is. But from Connie’s experience, it pays off to do something rather than doing none at all.

2. There is never the right time to learn

Everyone should learn Basic first aid. There is never the right age or time to get started. In fact, the earlier you kick off, the better for you and the community as a whole. Schools need to have programs or clubs that encourage students to learn first aid skills, simply because, no one knows when the skills learned will be needed. Who knows, a nine-year-old might make headlines soon for saving his mother who collapsed in the house. So, whether young or old, it is never too early to learn life-saving skills.

3. Never underestimate yourself

What do you think the crowd thought of Connie when he stepped forward and offered to help the fallen man?  Well, your guess must be as good as ours. There is no doubt that they had mixed feelings of what he could offer. But what kept Connie on his toes? The belief that he could do it, despite his young age, Connie has become an inspiration to his peers and adults as well. In fact, Connie himself now believes that he can do even more after successfully handling the man’s situation.

So, it’s about time we offered some first aid training for teenagers since it has a pack of benefits to them and the community.

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