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We’d like to share an example of where first aid and having a first aider in your business can have positive benefits beyond just having people qualified and ready to help if something happens.

A few years ago there was a story in a local newspaper of a woman who fell down in a shop and badly hurt her ankle. In fact, she ended up having to go to hospital and have an operation on it.

Having a first aider in your business can lead to good things

Having a first aider in your business makes good business sense

But, because there was a first aider on staff in the shop, this woman was able to get instant help and a little bit of care at a time when she was in great pain. It wasn’t the fault of the shop. She tripped on her own bag and fallen over. But the fact was that, less than a minute later, there was somebody there who was qualified in first aid able to offer assistance to help made her feel good about the shop that she was in.

What was interesting is that there was a lot of people in the shop at the time who were watching what was going on. And they were all quite impressed with the fact that this shop assistant was able to come along and to help at such short notice until an ambulance arrived to come and pick this woman up.

As a consequence of that, the local newspaper ran a press story on how helpful this girl was and called her a local hero. They did a great piece on her just being there and the fact that she was somebody with a qualification in this particular shop at that particular time.

The upshot was, is that the local PR from this press article was huge, and lots of people came into the shop to congratulate this young girl. She got cards from people who thought that she was great. The actual foot fall into the shop went up and people spent money in the shop. She became, for a very short time, something of a bit of a minor celebrity.

But the point is this: If she hadn’t been a first aider, she might not have known what to do in this particular situation. The fact that she was, and she was there, and she was able to help take control of the situation made this story so much more than it could have been just by offering her somewhere to sit to wait.  The first aider knew what to do in this particular circumstance and this is because she’d been on a course. She got a qualification in first aid, and she was able to put that training into use right there and then.

So, even if you don’t run a shop, there could be benefits beyond just the first aid qualification for your business. We know that this story is a little bit rare don’t discount how just having a first aider in your business can be more than just a box-ticking exercise.

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