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A recent study conducted by the University of Manchester has revealed that five in every ten people would not attempt first aid if they came across an injured person. Although 93% of this group would be quick to call emergency services, most of the victims lose their lives waiting for the paramedics to arrive.  And this only serves to underline the importance of first aid training to the public.

The blame is directed to the lack of first aid basics in most people in Britain. In fact, if the majority of the people were conversant with various basic first aid skills, then six out of every ten deaths caused by accidents would be prevented. For that reason, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine has called out for opportunities to allow the public become educated on these life-saving skills.

Basic practices during accidents

Although the 999 emergency services have a quick turnaround, the few minutes between the accident occurrence and before the ambulances arrive can save many lives. A little help to a critically injured victim can contribute to his survival and help him to reach the hospital alive.

The importance of first aid training to the public

The importance of first aid training to the public

For instance, when an accident happens, most of the victims lay on the ground in a manner that blocks their airway. As a witness, if you take action and simply turns him on the side and also tilts the head back, it could mean a halfway saved life.

On other occasions, some victims bleed profusely and stopping the flow could be another great and helpful step. So before the paramedics arrive, members of the public present can reduce more blood loss by simply pushing the bleeding area hard.

These actions might seem pretty small, but they make a great difference between the life and death of the victims. In fact, when the emergency medics arrive on the scene, these are the same first steps that they undertake. Why then not perform them before the medics arrive?

Importance of basic first aid

Knowledge of the first aid basics is not only valuable for you as an individual but also for the entire community. With these skills, you become a life saver in cases of an accident and other emergency situations as you wait for medical help to arrive. While most people without first aid knowledge are helpless witnesses, as a first aider, you translate the few minutes before help comes into a life changing episode.

At home, workplace and other public locations, you become a valuable asset to the community. As Joe Mulligan of the British Red Cross said, besides calling the 999, a simple intervention to the victims could save their lives. For that reason, more people should learn first aid skills as this promotes a safer community.

Lack of first aid knowledge can see a simple injury become fatal. Proper skills are therefore of the essence as we undertake day to day activities.  The importance of first aid training to the public cannot be under-estimated when so may lives could be saved.

Despite all the preventing measures adopted by the community and the government, accidents will always happen. For this reason, more individuals need to be trained on the basic first aid skills for the welfare of every citizen’s safety.

Many employers provide first aid training to those who request it.
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