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Military and security experts in the UK developed a Terror Attack First Aid Training app called ‘CitizenAid’.  This app’s purpose is to assist in saving lives endangered to terror attacks of any form.  It also offers the general public a step-by-step guide and instructions on even how an inexperienced person can save lives in the happening of terror attacks.

A team of senior military and civilian Medics said,  “People need the acquisition of lifesaving skills. People need to know how to help each other, because it will take some time before an event is considered safe for paramedics to visit.”

This idea is highly supported by the counter-terrorism police. The security service says, “A UK terror attack is likely to happen; therefore, the endangered citizens have to be guided on how to ‘Run, hide and report to the authority fast about it.”
Even though the chances of an individual getting caught up in a terror event may be little, the co-developers of the app ‘CitizenAid’,

terror attack first aid

Use the Citizenaid app and learn your terror attack first aid skills.

Prof. Sir Keith Porter and Brig. Tim Hodgetts said,  “It is of good idea, importance and improvement for people to always have a plan and knowledge with skills on how to help one another.”

The app, pocket book and website teaches on how to best handle injuries after the immediate event of a mass shooting or bombing attack. The system contains instructions and guidelines on how to treat heavy bleeds, of which bleeding is one of the major causes of death in terror scenarios.

This concept guides people through methods of Terror Attack First Aid such as packing, applying pressure, and elevating a wound, and conversely teaches on how to use a tourniquet or bandage safely without leading to complications.

The programme also describes how to prioritise injuries in need of urgent and immediate attention, and what to inform the emergency services when they arrive at such scene.

CitizenAid is a non-governmental enterprise, but the developers said it is based on national advice from the National Counter-Terrorism Police that advise citizens to:

  • Run away, if you can, in the event of an incident
  • Hide, if you can’t run.
  • Report to the emergency services

Battleground Lessons

The CitizenAid system requires its users to follow some steps and review one step carefully at a time. One of the steps is – Once people are safe, they should start treating casualties.

Chief Inspector Richard Harding, who is the head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, told the BBC, “One of the challenges we have is, when a serious incident occurs, especially a terrorist attack, the first response from the police will be a response on how to deal with people involved in causing the threat.”

Ch. Richard added, “The Police won’t have time to deal with people who are injured, which is a critical gap to saving people’s lives.”
“So, we are very interested in the concept of CitizenAid, because it will allow the people involved in very rare incidents like this to help themselves, help others, and their loved ones to survive the situation.” He concluded.

The app developers and founders said, “CitizenAid builds on lessons learnt on the battlefield.”

A professor of Clinical Traumatology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Sir Keith Porter, talked to the BBC:  “I have treated hundreds of soldiers, whose lives have been saved by the simple applications of tourniquets, when they were shot or blown up. Teaching individual soldiers these skills has saved many lives.  And I think it is essential we train the public in those skills, and that is exactly what CitzenAid does.”

Brig. Tim Hodgetts, medical director of the Defence Medical Services, also talked to BBC:  “We don’t know when the next incident might happen, so we need a vital mass of the general public to learn these first-aid skills.”

“They are the people who are always going to be at the scene. They are the ones, who are going to make a difference.”

The Brig. continued, “I think we are doing the opposite of scaring the public, we are empowering the public! By giving them a step-by-step system, we take away the anxiety, because the decisions are already made and the right decisions in the right order can save lives.”

The app is free to download and the pocketbook costs £1.99 to order.

Headway provides first aid training in the Midlands.  Although we hope that terror attack first aid will never be needed we can certainly help you and your team to be prepared in case of an incident.

To find out more about our first-aid courses just give us a call on 0845 838 7245 and we’ll discuss your options.


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